Friday, February 23, 2007


Tawakwan is a 48 year old Gay black guy that spent 21 years in Germany. He is a writer of sorts, musician, film maker. Living in Jamaica Queens. Find out more about Tawakwan here.


Thank you Tim. You son of a bitch.
Thanks for reopening the doors of hate for all to re-enter.
Thanks for making this gay,black man feel so comfortable knowing that now that Timmy boy has said it's okay,well just have a good ole,'gay bashing day'.

Thanks Tim hardaway for making it clear that you want neither lockerrooms,or america,occupied by queers.. You don't associate,you hate,you cry STAY AWAY!!.

I'm a team player in team sport where masculine men take the floor. We run up and down while chasing a small ball,and reaching for more than just a ball. Guarding so close you rub up another guys ass,but that's macho. Shaq is passing smoochers,but you call us fag.

Thanks tim for showing that I can feel so secure now that you let the world know on nation wide television,that you think gay is oooo-fucking -kay.

Thanks Tim, your just so fucking great...


I remember when you first pulled out of the show room.
You beamed as the sun hit your bold frame.

Now it was time for the journey to begin. Many have taken that road are about to take. Many are waiting behind you,eagar,anxious,nervous,and excited. Wanting to know just how your trip will turn out,before it's their turn.

You let them know that no two trip are the same.
Sure you've made some wrong turns.
You've missed a few exits here and there before vanishing into the dark tunnels.
Crossing the bridges.
Burning the bridges.

It's what knowledge is about.

You dodge the pot holes,the bumps,put into low going up,and crusie going down.

You've kept your chasse looking good,and things are aren't looking so bad under the hood.

Sure the engines gotten old with the years,but it's still pumping.

You've been around the block a few times,and they don't make them like you anymore.
'58?-If you want a halfway decent running '58,you got to go to Cuba.

Considering the age,the paint job looks well preserved.
Not a scratch,no big ones at least.
You've gone many a mile,but there's still more road to travel.

Like those before you,and those who follow,you seek a road of enlightenment.
At times it feels more like a road to no where. You look back at what you surpassed. What you've lost,what you've gained.

You let them all know that two trips are the same.

The crossed bridges.The dark tunnels. The burnt bridges.

Your green book value hasn't depreciated much.

Even when the motor finally stops,you'll be worth something to someone.

Your a one and only,Limited edition...

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