Monday, July 9, 2007

Officer Clancy

By “OBSIDIAN!!!” and HoboBob

So, now you’re
Talking the badge and the gun
I’m trying to catch a nap
Before the sun
Comes up…

What you say?
You want to see my I.D.?
What’s the offense? So I was sleeping

Commissioner Kelly sent you
To HOUSE me off the bench
Saw me while he was riding by in a car
So, now you’ve come to ROUSE me
Within an inch of my life
Check my pockets for a knife?

Run me for a warrant
See if I could give a FUCK!!!
“Please officer Clancy, YOU SUCK!”

Driving to work one night,
Cold and dark.
I see your patrol car in the rearview mirror,
Moving bright and stark.

Officer Clancy. You pull me over,
And haul my Black ass out,
Oh, my tail light was busted,
‘That can’t be true’ I shout.

But now you smell alcohol on my breath.
And on goes the cuffs,
And push my head into the patrol car
‘cause enough is enough.

I’m fucked for work,
Because I’m sitting behind bars,
And what do you know,
No more driving cars.

You take my picture.
Oh that’s just for good luck.
Talk to you later

Please officer Clancy, you suck!