Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Well, We Closed the Curtains on this one

Yeah, it's over, the 'Shout Out!' at Smith's Bar and Restaurant. We've had an eight month run and built quite a following among the poets, musicians, comedians, and entertainers in the New York, New Jersey area. And news of the 'Shout Out!' has grown to international proportions, with artists coming from as far as Australia and China. But, fear Ye not! We're not giving up simply because the powers that be in Smith's just don't appreciate good entertainment. We would like to thank all of the entertainers that made the 'Shout Out!' happen. It was your enthusiastic spirit that made it more like a home to fledgling and practicing performers than just an outlet for free expression.

But with all this being said, we are far from done. Already we are actively searching for a replacement venue to begin again. But until then, we wish to keep in touch with all of our performers here, on our blogsite. Please send us your poems, essays, jokes, pictures, even mp3's and we'll find a home for them here. You know our e-mail addresses, and if not, shoot us a comment here and we'll get in touch with you. If you've never attended a 'Shout Out!' before, hopefully you'll get the distilled flavor of being there, here.

Enjoy yourselves,
Because without you, we'd just be two homeless guys on a park bench!