Friday, February 9, 2007


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A bug will take a real long nap
If it crawls in a Venus Flytrap
A Venus Flytrap can be found at
A boggy peat moss habitat
Flytraps are prevalent in
North Carolina, Wilmington
The jaws of the Flytrap open wide
There are “trigger hairs” on the inside
If these hairs a bug does bend
The bug’s life comes to an end
Shut each jaw snaps
And for the bug they’ll play taps
The inside of the jaws makes a red die
To attract a bug or fly
After the prey is beckoned
The jaws slam shut in a N.Y. second
The jaws close tight so the bug can’t get loose
Then the Flytrap secretes digestive juice
It makes antiseptics to ward off germs
As the bug wiggles and squirms
A Flytrap needs protein to get by
It makes protein by eating a fly
For 5 to 12 days the jaws stay shut
While the Flytrap feeds its gut
When the jaws open once more
The exoskeleton falls to the floor
In winter Flytraps hibernate—
So don’t mistake one for being late
Feed the Trap ground beef you should not
The high fat content makes the plant rot
If in water a Flytrap you drowned
For months it’ll be doing well and sound
Humans should think twice
Before triggering the trapping device—
A finite number of times it can close
Then to heaven the Flytrap goes

Copyright Mordy Mandell


The phrase “to give”
Is an infinitive
Your teacher will have a fit
If the infinitive you split
An English teacher they won’t hire
If she dangles her modifier
At your writing people will yawn
If you use a run-on
Anywhere you can position
In a sentence the preposition
A bad grade to you, your teacher will give
If you use a double negative
Personal pronouns like “he” and “she”
Don’t get a possessive apostrophe
To modify the word “superb”
You must use an adverb
An example of the perfect tense
Is “He had built a fence”
If you take the word “frown”
It can be used as a verb or a noun
A “collective noun” denotes a group
Like “People who eat soup”
If you say, “She is superb”
The word “is” is a linking verb
In the sentence “Him I respect”
“Him” is the direct object
An “imperative” is a command
Like the sentence “move your hand”
An explanation you can give
With an appositive
Ellipsis Points you should use
If parts of a quote you wish to lose
With the name of a person or place
The first letter is uppercase
On the English final you’ll do alright
If you study Strunk & White

Copyright Mordy Mandell

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