Wednesday, January 2, 2008


The Poet Amin lives in Connecticut. He was an actor for The Second Step Players and one of New London's Backroom Poets. He had a chapbook produced in New London, ENTITLED: "THE BIRD THAT FLEW OVER THE RAINBOW AND OTHER POEMS."

Not Interested

Look at all the pretty ladies in the short dressesI am focusing on cleaning up my messes So I'm not interested

How about that one over there with the big breastsI wouldn't care if she was chest less I'm not interested

I have a bucket of apples you can pick the freshestI have a bucket of pears I'm not interested

They say George Bush is a killer in the danger waters he testedLook, I'm a rebel without a cause I'm not interested

What about all the children that are being neglectedI don't work for DCF I'm not interested

Why is it that only Caucasian men that are elected presidentJesus was against politics I'm not interested

Do you create your poetry with a certain methodIf it's not a positive creationI'm not interested

Arabs are planning to burn the oil in TexasI wouldn't care if they blew up the countryI'm not interested

It seems to me that you're purposely acting indifferent That's because they teach that the word Nigger means ignorantWell, since it is two mes can you be a litte clearer The true definition for the word Nigger means builder

I really think you will be a disgrace to poetry publicationWhat if I give my manuscripts away for freeWouldn't that be interesting

-The Poet Amin


Renee said...

Wow, that was real deep...You are truely gifted!!! And i'm interested. Love you-bro

"OBSIDIAN!!!" said...

well, thanx for the compliment...however, i/we didn't write the was written by the poet Amin...we, as host of the site, merely published it for your perusal and enjoyment...but glad u like the material...