Monday, April 9, 2007


Yo...yo...yo...yo!! i know i've been a little absent, in the writing department, due to certain constraints, like not remembering my own password!...dah!...but i'm back like a rash, & want to make a few contributions to my own, and Hobo Bob's blogsite. 1stly, i like to thank all you wonderful poets for your amazing contributions. WOW! i'm almost moved to tears-i said 'almost'!. O.k., so what i'm gonna do is begin with a tribute poem, i wrote along time ago, as a birthday present to my brother, Hobo Bob...many moons, this poem was read at the "Saturn Series", co-hosted by Su Polo and Dave Elsasser..back in the daze...bon appetito!-"OBSIDIAN!!!"

Ma Vodka Bottle
by "OBSIDIAN!!!" [Excerp from "Zen is Now c. 1992]

As long as it doesn't show
and as long as it doesn't fall out
i can endure the humiliation
of human dignity

As long as i don't slurp
when i draw
and as long as it doesn't
slip from my paw
when i hit the floor
i can enjoy the brief illusion
of serenity

As long as i don't run outta bills
and as long as i
can still make my way
to the liquor store up the hill
i aint gotta a’ member 'bout
my loneliness

As long as i can just
…keep it coming
yeah…and the dumbing
i can have the thrill of
being real
and get to feel
my one and only-ness!…Whoooh!!!


Caroline said...

Too much drinking. You two are too intelligent to be wasted that way. Give life another chance and fight. I miss the sober you two. Too good looking.

Caroline said...

Miss you Obsidian!

"OBSIDIAN!!!" said...

miss u 2 caroline...what have u been up to?...but we wee just having a smashing time-during that poetry run...nothing harmful...keep in touch...