Saturday, March 10, 2007


Born in Germany, emigrated to US as a child, grew up in Mass, went thru something like hell, came out on the other side, represents creative people from the Gulad behind bars. maybe someday there will be something more detailed ...


I walked down the alley
where the priest held a gun to my head
of course god loves you
he said
and so do I
he bent down to kiss me
and then he pulled the trigger

by "Lady Penumbra" c. 2007


This entire town feeds off this prison
parasites like leeches off dead fish
screams the town
gimme MORE!
I want more prisoners!

A woman observes
"Oh, he’s been here a long time
since before Joey was born"
Joey is now in college
screams the prison
gimme MORE!
I want more time!
Seventy prisons in this state
sustain the corporations
that sustain the body politic
screams the gov’nor
gimme MORE!
I want more prisons!

the rich black soil gives up its farms
trades them for new facilities
and soaks up the blood of the men
screams the earth
gimme MORE!
I want more blood!

two-thousand aimless men
shuffle under the weight of their burdens
hopeless and defeated
struggle the men to whisper

by "Lady Penumbra" c. 2007

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